Expat. Repat. Repeat.

For the avid reader of this blog (there is a handful of you and you mean the world to me) I’ve employed a whole lot of foreshadowing… We’ve been toying with this idea for quite some time and last week we’ve finally returned to Berlin. Everyone we’re talking to seems to have the same question


Even people at the bureaucratic institutions (and we’ve seen plenty of them) are completely puzzled, why on earth anyone would move from Australia to Germany. Big decisions like that don’t come half-heartedly, so here are a few reasons:

  • Once you fall in love with a big city, it is really hard to live anywhere else.
  • My better half and I are from two different countries, so it paid off to live in two places for a while to see where we really wanted to settle.
  • Decluttering is good for you.
  • No child is an island and neither are we. It was a decision for us as a family for a better future, a better education for our offspring and a family life (something Cinderello and I will always be denied in Adelaide.)
  • Life is really very short.
  • We just really love paper work and ticking off to do lists.
  • We missed the Berlin charme.
  • We don’t dig sleeping. Erm.


Yeah, I’m not too sure about that either. At the moment, it is just really exciting to be home. It is about 8 degrees and since the Spring fashion is out, it is impossible to buy a warm jacket. Anywhere. Rained on once, I sound as husky as Marlene Dietrich but my dear friend Poppy gave me a jacket and I think, I will be okay. Hopefully we’ve soaked up enough sun to last us for a few years. While I’m toughening up, Berlin is excited; it might hit 20 on the weekend.


The things you do, to watch Eurovision in real time…

19 thoughts on “Expat. Repat. Repeat.

  1. Be prepared for that reverse culture shock 😉 It hit me hard going back to Germany after 10 years abroad… Especially the work environment. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! It’s probably bound to happen… I dread it a bit. So far, Germany has been very friendly. There must be another side to this.

  2. Haha. We just moved to the US from India a few months back, and it was very sudden. Not planned and leaving everything there and coming here was not at all easy. But like you said there is a certain thrill associated to it and the main highlight, you get to see so many places of course !!! You are so lucky you got to stay at Berlin <3 We had been to Europe and was totally blown away by ALL the 8 countries we visited including Germany.But we saw only a teeny bit of Germany, the black forest part which was simply amazing. Given a chance we would have happily settled anywhere in Europe, but life brought us here now. Let us see, how things go in future 😉

    1. I wish you all the best for your new start. It doesn’t sound like your first country of choice. It can be hard to settle, especially if you had to leave so quickly! The mind catches up eventually 😉

  3. Welcome back to Europe! I feel I should say something in German, but it seems to have become a little rusty, but I can certainly remember ‘Wilkommen!’ How long were you in Oz? We were away from the Netherlands (our expat home) for nearly 3 years in Hamburg and when we got back here, already things had changed. It will be really interesting to hear what differences you notice as a repat. And what’s the betting now you’re in Germany, the Australians will win Eurovision?

    1. Thank you so much. We’ve been away for almost 5 years! Back in Berlin for about 2 weeks now and no one has even yelled at us. Spring seems a good time for moving. As for Eurovision, Australia winning would make it interesting what would happen from there 😉 I’ll try to write as much as I can.

      1. You mean you haven’t crossed the road when the light on the pedestrian crossing was red or hung up your washing on the wrong day or made too much noise during Ruhezeit? Some of the ‘sins’ I either perpetrated or saw others being told off for while in Hamburg. One day when I’ve got through the other 50-umpteen things I’ve already started writing about, I’ll write a blog post about the pitfalls of living in Germany!

      2. Exactly! I’ve been struggling though to get my groceries in the bags in a minute… I would love to read that post!

  4. Wow! The only thing that matters is that you and your family did what feels right to you! Moving stuff is easy, but I do think “moving” emotionally can be difficult. Berlin sounds like a great city, especially if you have ties there.
    I am looking forward to your stories from there! And when I make it to Berlin some day, I hope we can meet for a cup of coffee! 😉 All the best and have a wonderful time!

    1. That would be lovely! Thank you so much! It is a wee bit closer than Australia and coffee sounds really nice indeed! It was an epic move and we’ve been great with paperwork and all that… It’s been smoothly. Fingers crossed, the next weeks will just be like that 😉

  5. It’s great to know I am not the only one being asked Why?!?!. I just moved from Australia to Ireland (again) and am loving it. I hope you enjoy your return to Berlin!

    1. Irish weather is pretty special 😉 Do you think moving gets easier with some practice? All the best for your new start!

      1. Definitely, this is my third overseas move. I found it really easy to separate myself from the material objects that I didn’t really need and to pack objectively. It was only myself moving so I just had 2 suitcases and had trouble at first reaching the maximum weight limits for both bags. I also think I find it easier each time to settle in to my new city faster and make new friends which really helps too!

  6. Ah! This is the big move you were talking about and therefore my confusion. Well all the the best back in your home country. Look forward to hearing from you there. Just been once to Berlin and I loved it:-)

    1. Thank you!! We’ve been crazy busy and probably will be for some time… I’m looking forward to blogging a bit more (and interacting), once it’s all a bit more settled. Until then, scheduled little things 😉

      1. All the best. I moved house over a year ago and know the feeling of decluttering,packing and unpacking. From one country and culture to another must be something else:-)

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