Weekend Movie – Cupcakes

A Film about Tolerance, Love and Eurovision.

Star Baker Anat has invited her close friends and neighbors to watch the UniverSong Contest. After baking cupcakes for the special occasion all day, Anat’s excitement is quickly slain when her husband exclaims at the doorstep, he was leaving her and moving to Thailand. Disappointed by their country’s entry and in an effort to cheer up Anat, her friends break into a song. Of course, someone makes a video and the friends from Tel Aviv end up representing Israel at the next UniverSong Contest.

The heart-warming fluff unfolds. With six main characters, there is lots of stuff happening; mainly in the romance department. To cut it short, all band members end up going to the competition, where they find it impossible to deal with all the changes to their original concept and insist on simplifying their performance. The Contest itself is just like cupcakes; candy colored and too sweet and even though your teeth already hurt, you cannot stop going for more. You might not be surprised, their entry does very well…

Cupcakes is a call for a simpler Eurovision, erm, UniverSong Contest. The film questions the politics of gay is okay, as long as you don’t say you’re gay, and celebrates the right to be yourself. Of course, there is a whole bunch of schmoozy romance stuff going on, too, and there are many morals of the story… For today, no spoilers.


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This is a great movie to help you pass the time until the Grand Prix. It is camp and colorful and very entertaining. Admittedly, if you are not into corny kitschy stuff, Cupcakes might not be for you. Less painful on eyes and ears than Glee, it is still enjoyable for a broad audience. If you do love Eurovision though, you will have a blast!


Comedy, musical, romance
Israel, 2013
Director: Eytan Fox
Music: Babydaddy (Scissor Sisters)


Dana Ivgy (Dana)
Keren Berger (Keren)
Yael Bar-Zohar (Yael)
Efrat Dor (Efrat)
Anat Waxman (Anat)
Ofer Shechter (Ofer)

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