Brave New Food

Maybe all this confusion at the grocery store started out with Phil Collins and James Blunt in a row (isn’t it fascinating how the music changes according to the target group throughout the day?) and then there were the insects …

For the avid reader of this blog, it may seem like I spend a lot of the time at the grocery store but we do not have a car (by choice) so it is just the way it is.

pick up hogh 5 German candy with Hemp Deutsche Kekse mit Hanf
Pick Up High 5

While I really hope they do not get sewed for false advertizing, it kinda reads like Pick Up High, I’m not sure what the point of all this could be. There would not be enough hemp in it to enhance the flavor and if there is any medicinal goodness left in this bar, it is very likely outbalanced by the crazy amount of sugar in those cookies.

Marketing team fail

Dickmans Schaumküsse Oktoberfet Food German odd
Super Dickmans Oktoberfest Version

A – it is August and not September, so please do not bother me with Oktoberfest

(Trust me, most Germans don’t understand why Oktoberfest is in September)

B – why on earth do we need those Bavarian traditions in Berlin?

(How about, we take our Berlin trashiness down to München once a year, say First of May, and see how that sparkles with them? Erm.)

Grillen cricket food trend be kitschig blog
Crickets Salt & Vinegar – Grillen Salz & Essig
buffolo worm buffolowurm insects trend food
Buffalo Worms Sour Cream & Onion – Buffolowürmer Sour Cream & Zwiebel
Brave new food be kitschig blog natural protein
Meal Worms – Mehlwürmer
Worm pasta protein würmer pasta
Worm Pasta – Wurm Pasta

While those worms may take a bit of getting used to, they are very likely the brave new food for our children. Is it time to start prepping?

Insekten diei leckerste Mutprobe der Welt - jjetzt probieren BE KITSCHIG BLOG
Test of courage – Mutprobe

There is no Planet B.

14 thoughts on “Brave New Food

      1. We are Crazy brave, recently when in Tokyo, sometimes we did not even know what we were eating, just guessed pork, but honestly could have been anything – we did like it.

  1. Quite the variety of insect foods. Not for the faint of heart. I see kids in Asia snacking on chicken feet…I go Yuck…but then I think …I eat chicken necks..

    1. It seems crazy how we are socialized with our food. Although, I had been vego for so long, maybe I am not the right person to ask here … Chicken feet, NO, bunny feed NO NO …

    1. Maybe they would be the first to volunteer 😉 I’m just concerned, this might be the future. I’ll go knock on wood somewhere …

  2. Phantastic idea to export our 1st May experience of Berlin to Bavaria where people are not very relaxed indeed. But they are still complaining about the Prussians which they regard as some kind of aliens. How crazy reality can be! 😎

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