Gnomen Est Omen

Alright, Gnomen est Omen is a title a wee bit over the top. We’ve also had garden gnomes galore lately but otherwise it may get a bit late for Spring greetings.

Gnomen est Omen - Gartenzwerg liest Buch 
bekitschig blog
 Gartenzwerg liest Buch - Gnome reading book
bekitschig blog
Gartenzwerge im Frühling
Gnomen est Omen - Gartenzwerg liest Buch 
bekitschig blog

Now, these are pretty crappy phone photos, and I could’ve gone back with the proper camera but that’s really not the point. The moral of the story is, that I must’ve been walking past these cute guys for ages. Here I am, always looking for street art gems or odd photos and I have no clue, if they might be new to the neighborhood or I just missed them …

Walk around with open eyes. Won’t hurt.

2 garden gnomes in Spring bekitschig blog

Thanks for flying with be kitschig. Have a happy, healthy and productive week!

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13 thoughts on “Gnomen Est Omen

  1. I love these gnomes! I recently saw a gigantic chrome and shiny gnome and I thought of you and your blog, I think you would love this huge and cheerful guy so next time I drive past it, will take a picture for you xx

  2. Funny that you missed these guys … I’ll bet the tall tulips or bright-colored daffodils made you glance that way.

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