Fairies & Doors

I wish I knew what’s wrong with my time management. Maybe I need a Fairy to show me that door, but I guess they are a busy bunch leading up to Christmas.

All week I was looking forward to Friday, finally a writing day! Yet, I am walking around in the park trying to find a decent sized log. It all started with that damn Fairy door, I spotted in the dollar shop. Well actually, it really started with Linda making me realize I needed a Fairy Garden. Of course, a day later magically a gift set appears. The conscience is clear when you can blame someone else.

Before I knew it, I was already picking up little sticks as well. A Fairy Home probably could do with a bench or some windows … Hopefully the super glue isn’t dried up again and where lives that saw?

Tomorrow we’ll put up the tree and make the first batch of cookies, but I’m sure, Sunday will most certainly be a writing day.

If only I knew, what’s wrong with my time management.

Of Fairys and Doors and Elves on Shelves 
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To be continued …

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19 thoughts on “Fairies & Doors

  1. I love it Jeanine! This is very cute and perfect for the season. I’m glad you were persuaded to do this. Pffft as to time management. The past few years with being busy with blogging, I have forgotten how to manage my time efficiently – apparently I’ve forgotten how to dust too and sadly I put on blinders to weeds as I merrily walk out the door to walk and take pictures. Thanks for the shout out to my blog.

    1. Household shores? Humbug. Yeah, blogging can chew up a bit of time. You kinda have a life, too.
      I also realized it’s an Elve Door, so with fairies and gnomes it’s gonna be a high rise building. Huray to time management 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

      1. I hate household chores (it shows too). Oh well, no one is looking at it right now. It looks magical there and perfect for the season. You have a nice weekend too Jeanine – stay safe, I hope your stats stabilize and you don’t go to lockdown. It sounded dire there from what they’re saying on our news.

      2. Tank you Linda. So far, they are making life for people without vaccinations difficult. Sad thing is, many of those are leaning towards the right and a few douchebags basically seem to run the country.

      3. I am behind here so seeing this message now, but heard today just what you have said … all unvaccinated persons go to lockdown immediately.

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