Calm before the Storm

Welcome to yet another edition of bad phone photography. — Postcards from Italy.

be kitschig blog - Urlaub in Italien
Calm before the storm -- resort pool without people - bekitschig blog
Calm before the Storm - Pool menschenleer am Morgen
bad phone photography - be kitschig blog
Kinder Pool -- kids pool - Italy Human Village Roma
Calm before the storm - sunbeds with towels
Calm before the storm - pool in Italy in the morning
Human Village Rome

While I though, reserving sun beds with towels was a German thing, turns out it’s an international sport. One group of Japanese tourists absolutely killed it. One towel for TWO chairs. Now that’s efficient. Nailed it. Or is it towelled it?

Thanks for flying with be kitschig! I will try to get back to somewhat of my normal schedule. Eventually. Have a happy Hump Day.

Dong Xuan Center Berlin

Maria in Antwerp

Garden Gnome Park Trusetal

Popeye Village Malta

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18 thoughts on “Calm before the Storm

    1. Aw, sorry. We’re blessed with sun this week but it feels like the calm before the storm 🙂
      Stay warm and watch your steps

      1. The seasons are running together now. We have had a lot of dry days, so I bulked up the miles to ensure I get to year end with a plus mark, not a minus mark.

      2. Oddly enough, the seasons are doing that here as well. But hey, there is no global warming. (With all due respect, baby boomers ought to step down from important decisions)

      3. We laughed at Al Gore way back when when he spoke about global warming – what did he know? The powers that be *should* have paid more attention to what he told us.
        We’re all laughing now too, aren’t we?

      4. Many of us did not even laugh anymore back then. As long as money makes the world go round, nothing seems to make a difference (all these magical biodegradable things we could’ve had 20 years ago). Linda, hold on thight, we’re in for a ride. Let’s just enjoy what we have for as long as we can

      5. I heard a horrible news story yesterday Jeanine – in fact it likely made the international news as well. Scientists are predicting countries that will be considered uninhabitable in 30 years’ time – very scary. Turning on the news anymore, you have to have a strong stomach to get through it.

      6. Hi Linda, this blog is about talking between the lines & I like to show these things rather than telling, or make people just think. Just for a second. Unfortunately, while we are slowly starting to freak out, the rest of the world does not seem terribly concerned. Whatever will happen, will happen. I wish I had an answer to console. (I’ll write you private)

  1. I never heard that about the Japanese before. Is this a ‘west’ German thing or does it apply to all Germans. Did the former DDR Germans do the towel thing also?

    1. Certainly not on the West side. To be honest, I was more than baffled (not like British tourists are all that glorious) but no, in GDR times there certainly would not have been towels. No place to throw them on. (Funny, tonight we pretty much had this conversation. Lost it left me. Cause no one but me understands. It wasn’t all that odd but those voices will be lost for ever (If you can’t get noticed in the living room)

      1. I hate the ‘typical’ British tourists. No they are not ‘glorious’, they are an embarrassment! I have given up travelling now but in the past, whenever I heard them (and yes you can hear them long before you can see them) I used to go the other way – ‘I am not with these people; they are nothing to do with me’! They always have to create a disturbance and talk loudly accompanied by loud false laughter to let everyone know that they have arrived! Morons!

    2. It is really a rather common practice. Born out of the feeling someone else could have it better than you. Next time you’re in a hotel check the sings at the pool, as many places prohibit this. I’ve seen signs in different countries! However, it was kinda nice seeing other people doing it 🙂 Pool opened at 9 and some people were already waiting at the gate to put down those damn towels.
      As for the GDR I’m not so sure. We never went to a fancy place with a pool. It was either Baltic Sea or Thuringia.
      By the way, German men really wear socks & sandals 🙂 Oh … the shame …

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