Weekend Movie – The Secret Agent Club

Spy with the licence to batter.

Hulk Hogan juggles his careers as single dad and secret agent.

(Action, Family)

Secret Agent Club #Hogan
Secret Agent Club

This week I felt brave and went for a movie that was still in its plastic wrapping. The Secret Agent Club. Let’s be honest here, acting, costumes, dialog, lighting and music give away what you’ve signed up for in… well …  the very first scene. If you are tough and love the 90s this one is for you.

Quotes from the living room:

For a while it was good but then it keeps going.

Quirky Ray Chase (Hulk Hogan) is a toy salesman. Little does his son Jeremy (Matthew McCurley) know, that his dad is working for a super secret peace agency. He’s not any Secret Agent but the best in America. His disguise in civilian live; a pair of glasses.

One day, Agent Chase returns from a trip with a Laser Gun that a couple of hit man try to retrieve. When Ray gets kidnaped his son and the Secret Agent Club start the chase for Chase.

Quotes from the living room:

It just won’t stop.

The acting is alright and the story line couldn’t have been written better by the Secret Agent Club members themselves. What can you say? The 90s computer graphics are worth watching, the villain dies beautifully, the kids are nothing but smiles right after a shooting and they meet in a bunker. Hogan made a family movie. Watching The Secret Agent Club makes you wonder why Hulk Hogan didn’t get a chance to marry into the Shriver family and make his mark in politics.

Quotes from the living room:

I can’t believe we sat through the whole thing.

Why we love it: Well, I’m not so sure if we do but it has Hulk Hogan in the main role(s), right?

Recommended for: Fans of 90s hair, Power Rangers, the Kevin movies, MacGyver, A-Team, Wrestling, Preppers

Hulk Hogan (Ray Chase), Matthew McCurley (Jeremy Chase), 
Barry Bostwick (Vincent Scarletti)
1996, Marquee/Starlight
Released in Germany as Der Spion mit der Lizenz zum Prügeln 
and France Agent double
Directed by John Murlowski
Writen by Rory Johnston
Music by Mark Mancina

Let me admit it; I spent many of my Sunday afternoons watching Thunder in Paradise. Do you have Hulkmania?

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  1. I recently listened to Hulk Hogan’s album and it is AMAZING. There’s a song where Hogan’s wife (at the time) just says how great he is and 7/10 songs have the word Hulk in it. Inspiring stuff :3

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