Weekend Movie – Sharktopus

Half-Shark. Half-Octopus. All Killer.

(Sci-Fy, Horror)

This week we have a totally sane genetic scientist who creates a hybrid of a shark and an octopus and it doesn’t take long for the monster weapon S11 to get loose. While his buddies, the Navy and the Blue Water group, are in a state of disbelief, Nathan Sands starts drinking and Sharktopus is headed to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, having a fine time.

His daughter Nicole and her team set out by boat to find S 11. “Pumpkin” practically grew up in the lab and the two things she loves the most are science and her father. Nicole matured into a biochemical engineer and soon discovers that her father turned S11 into a killer machine. She loses faith in her dad and eventually most of her team. Nicole and Andy Flynn are the last survivors. Even though they were off to a bad start they grow into a somewhat functioning team. They continue their quest with TV journalist Stacy Everhart and her camera man Bones, who are also hunting Sharktopus.

Oh, What Fun

Other than that there are a lot of girls in bikinis and people get killed right, left and center. Any activity near the beach can be fatal; cleaning boats, using bad pick-up lines, doing yoga, sunbathing, fishing, dancing and spitting fire. I especially liked the scene with the bungee jumper. You are really happy for the girl that overcame her fear of heights and nothing happened but then she just has to jump again…

The camera movement can be described as dynamic, the acting is alright and there is a bit of a retro comedy feeling in the air.

Andy: There is a Killer Shark Hybrid Octopus headed this way, so please leave the marina in a timely fashion.

When people don’t react Andy shoots around with his massive gun. If Hulk Hogan had been in the lead this could’ve been a masterpiece. It is wonderful when movies mock themselves. The presenters from Pirate Radio for example wonder if this monster news has to do with a science experiment or if it is just a Navy Seal saves the world movie.

Stephanie: I’d watch it.
Captain Jack: Yeah, I know you would Steph. That’s because you’re easily amused. I’m seeing you mesmerized watching a frozen burrito rotate in a microwave oven.

Just when a young woman finds a golden coin on beach, Sharktopus finds her. She drops the gold and is eaten instead. This is witnessed by Roger Corman, who walks over to pick up the coin, smiling at his audience.

Spoiler Alert

There is somewhat of a showdown and most people die. Nathan Sands saves his daughter and must therefore die, too. Once again, Nicole and Andy are the last ones standing and the ending reeks of sequel…

Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda (2014)
Sharktopus vs. Mermantula (2016).

Why we love it: light gore to Mexican tunes.

Recommended for: science-fiction, shark and monster movie lovers

Nathan Sands – Eric Roberts
Andy Flynn – Kerem Burskin
Nicole Sands – Sara Malakul Lane 
Bones – Hector Jimenez
Stacy Everhart – Liv Boughn
Anchor Bay Entertainmen, 2010
Directed by Declan O'Brien
Produced by Roger and Julie Corman
Written by Mike MacLean

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