Eurovision Records – More Guilty Pleasures

Yesterday at 10 the craze started with this…

Souvenirs-Souvenirs. 50 Partyhits am laufenden Band.

Souvenirs-Souvenirs. 50 Party-Hits am laufenden Band

This gem from 1988 puts 50 hits on one record. How is this possible? The magic of the medley.

There are some popular German songs like “Fiesta Mexicana” and “Da-da-da” randomly mixed with favorites like “House of the Rising Sun” and “Aloa-oe”. Most people will find something to sing along to here, no matter for how long they’ve been eurovisioning. ABBA’s winning song “Waterloo” from 1974 sounds like

La la la/ La la la la la la la la la /La la la /La la la la la la la la la

All English lyrics are replaced by la la la (or an occasional na na na). Pressed in the former GDR, it makes you wonder if this has to do with song rights or proficiency in English. Either way, this is a great record to get your party guests into the mood.

Duane Eddy – Twangin’ The Golden Hits

Duane Eddy – Twangin’ the Golden Hits

Eddie is delivering some mix of rock & roll and disco with lots of bongos and guitar. With songs like “Honky Tonk” or “Tequila” this is fantastic dinner music at any given point in time.

Elvis – I Got Lucky

Elvis – I Got Lucky

We found I got Lucky at a record fair in Berlin and the guy who sold it to us suggested to spend our money on something decent instead. (Ick würd ja meen jeld für wat Vernünftjet ausjeb‘n.) True Story. The compilation features songs from Kid Galahad, Follow That Dream, Easy Come, Easy Go and Viva Las Vegas. The quality of this record lies somewhere between the beautiful “Home Is Where the Heart Is” and “Yoga Is as Yoga Does”. It is always Elvis.

Sunset in Hawaii

Sunset in Hawaii

When your guests are still around for the (endless) voting, put on Sunset in Hawaii. Pressed in Japan for the Australian market it is a true international record and with “Hawaiian Wedding Song”, “Aloha Oe” and “Blue Hawaii” it is easy listening background music perfection.