Do People Change?

A leopard can’t change its spots.


I really hope you all had a splendid Eurovision week!

6 thoughts on “Do People Change?

  1. Yes, thank you. It wasn’t the best Eurovision ever, but we still had fun. Were you supporting the German singer or the Australian? I felt sorry for the German girl and her lack of points. We were rather taken with her animé-inspired costume. My votes would have gone to the rockers from Cyprus or the French guy, but the Ukrainian woman’s song was powerful and I did say “I rather like it”, right from the start. Not the sort of thing I’d listen to by choice, but it does have a certain je ne sais quoi.

    1. The winner didn’t really make me super excited to be honest but it’s an okay Eurovision song. I really liked the Austrian song this year! Germany has a long history of finishing on the right side of the results… What is it with the new voting system??

      1. Oh, yes, Austria was sweet, although it was totally bizarre to have an Austrian singing in French. As for the voting system, it was supposed to bring added drama, but I think it just added confusion. I hope the Korean-Australian girl understood the voting system beforehand, because it must have been devastating to have been so far in the lead for so long then pipped to the post at the last minute. I notice the cameras didn’t go back to her at the end. I suspect she was in floods of tears. I felt the spectacular lighting effects took away from the usual ridiculous staging, costumes and background dancers. They need to bring those back!

      2. The poor girl. Maybe it’s third time lucky for Australia? I totally agree with you. I want the sparkles and the awkward back!

    1. Thank you. It was marvelous! If I don’t get lost in the hardware store today, I’ll make it a post 😉

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