Schlager Sunday – Anton aus Tirol

Maybe I have been neglecting songs in German on Schlager Sunday.

Anton aus Tirol is a great example of Après-Ski, the type of party music offered to tourists after skiing. Needless to say, DJ Ötzi, the Austrian Scooter of Schlager, built his entire career on this song.

I’ll spare you my quick and dirty translation, partly because I cannot work out for the life of me the lyrics of the third verse. Basically, the song tells the story of a boy who is so strong, pretty and awesome that all the girls just want to be with him.

Judge for yourself.

Clap on one.


2 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Anton aus Tirol

  1. Scooter hair makes my scalp itch, just looking at D.J. Ötzi, I want to push his head gently into a bank of Tirolian snow to cool that skin irritation (and keep him from singing any more of that song).

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