A Glimpse of Hope for Snowtown

There’s No Town Like Snowtown

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On our way back from the Australian Outback we just had to make a stop at Snowtown. Ever since a whole bunch of bodies had been found in acid tanks in the old bank building, Snowtown has suffered somewhat of a stigma.

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Yet, even though it was a beautiful day and the surrounding area is stunning, I kid you not, the sun refused to shine on Snowtown.

What a sad country town snowtonw

While they have about 500 inhabitants, they seem to have a rather strong need for praying. The only people that we did see where at the pup though. If you come across a tourists out there, the locals know why you’re around and the looks where far from inviting.

At least Shirly’s Country Garden provided a bit of color in this bleak place.

Swan Planter with fake flowers

Funny how circumstances can make faux flowers look amazing. Beauty is everywhere.

Happy Roadtripping!

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3 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Hope for Snowtown

  1. never heard of snowtown. hope it gets better there. sad history and resentful present it sounds like.

  2. I like the old veranda roof, how it stands out strong as a taught umbrella. I will have to look up the story of Snowtown. So sad, so strange.

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