Wall of Peace


This is the entrance of a childcare in Berlin.

This wall may serve a purpose.

Most do not.



May the start to your New Year be peaceful!

5 thoughts on “Wall of Peace

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. As one who lives in a disjointed America, I can attest that the mere concept of a purposeless wall to divide two nations has divided one.
    Thank you for your short but insightful post.

    1. It’s usually short around here; I like to show rather than tell. I grew up in the former GDR and the concept of building new walls seems like a lot of hot air. The choice ought to belong to the people. Walls do not seem to help ordinary people

  2. I like the sentiments on this peace wall! As American farmers, we also recognize that good fences make good neighbors. Our houses have walls to protect our families… but we can open the door. I think we need a fence and better immigration laws to legally process the people we welcome in…just my thoughts.

    1. That seems like a reasonable approach! Talking about fences, the one for the outside play area there is only knee high. So far, the number of kids has not increased

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