Punks Not Dead

This photo always makes me chuckle…

WordPress is not much fun these days. While I’m not struggling with the new editor, I am not impressed with Akismet at the moment. So many people (who even follow my blog) end up in my spam folder and there is nothing I can do about it. I wonder how many don’t even show up in that list. Plus, the reader doesn’t display any of my posts under the hashtags kitsch or street art, which is pretty meh if you look at my content.

Maybe we’re all getting a bit edgy with 2020 and run low(er) on patience?

Punks not dead, right?

Punks not dead be kitschig blog
Search & Destroy and Esso 36, Kreuzberg

I’ve been getting some really strange comments lately. One of them nearly made me call it all quits altogether. Note to self, nice people can often play passive aggressive quite well.

Comments are short and can lead to many-a misunderstandings. It took me a long time to build up the courage to even write comments, as I often feel, there’s not much I can add, but I might refrain from that a bit for a while. So thanks lady for that nail on the blog coffin.

I’ve seen many of my blogging friends pausing or moving on and I wonder if blogs just have some sort of a natural life span?

Having said that, I wish all new(ish) bloggers lots of luck on their journey. Have fun, don’t get discouraged too easily and see where it can take you.

Feel free to check out more miniatures from Little Big City Berlin; I’ll be pouting.

Be nice.

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50 thoughts on “Punks Not Dead

  1. There probably are cycles. I have had a few in blogging. I’m in rhythm now. 🙏🏻
    Bad comments? Doesn’t happen much fortunately. That reminds me to check my spam folder. I never do. Oops.

    1. We’ve been away for a long weekend, which really puts you in a better mood 😉 Our first trip since lockdown. It was nice to get out a bit. We’ll see if I find my happy place here, too. Fingers crossed

      1. So glad you “got out”. Though one maintains a “stiff upper lip” as the English say, cabin fever does get to you…

      2. Strangely enough it’s a QWERTY keyboard, but I have an Umlaut key. Which we also use in French. German and French use it. Scandinavian languages and Finn too, I think. ü, ë… I also have é, è and ê… Plus, vey valuable there is a “cédille” key: ç. Use it in French and Portuguese… Why is it on the keyboard I don’t know… (Now I’m so used to QWERTY that I have problems in France with the AZERTY keyboard. Which keyboard do you use in Germany? Another one I imagine?

      3. We use the QUERTZ keyboard with the Umlaute on the right hand side. It was really confusing sometimes when we came back from Australia with Australian keyboards, that are different on the Mac book and PC, and you use a German keyboard for work… Maybe a bit of a firt world problem 😉 Salut!

      4. Yet another keyboard. LOL. I may have mentioned it before. The worst keyboard I ever used was a Czech one. We were in Praga, and I had to mail the office back and forth out of cybercafés. The Czechs have all those funny accents on consonants… My executives had a good laugh trying to decipher…
        A bientôt. (With an accent circonflexe ^)

  2. Don’t leave! And don’t stop commenting. You wrote me a comment that made my week/month/year. It’s tough to feel “relevant” and it’s easy to feel like people are insensitive. But when I look at the percentages, most people who take the time to read and comment are genuinely interested in what one has to offer. Don’t let the baddies get you down 😉

    1. Thank you for your kind words! You’ve summed this up really well. — I’ve scheduled a few posts and will hang with some gnomes over the weekend so hopefully that should increase the mood a bit. I’ve been told, a break is better than quitting 😉

  3. Please don’t give up blogging! Although I do get the frustration – am experiencing problems, too – lots of good things ending in Spam, Media folder not loading, etc. .. And looking at other comments it clearly isn’t just you. Anyway, repeat: I love and need your blog!

  4. Hi, I am kind of new to WP and making contact via comments, so please be patient with me.
    Please don’t give up this blog either. Perhaps comments are misinterpreted mainly because of the different cultures and languages which WP brings together? Yes there are some nasty people, but from my experience so far, they are in the minority.
    Love your site by the way.

    1. You do have a really good point there! Just the word ‘interesting’ can mean a lot of things 😉 Thank you for your kind words SJ

  5. Jeanine – I have been on the Gutenberg Editor since April 2019 … I am hot/cold on it. I have days with Akismet where I could scream. I go there and there are 40-50 or more of the same comment/SPAM in Spanish. I even asked WP if there was a reason – could it be blocked? Sometimes this many SPAM of this nature happens several times a day. They must have done some tweaking as it has not been as bad the last week or so. I went to send a fellow blogger a link about Pekin ducks at Elizabeth Park after I wrote about Elaine the woman who rescued the ducklings – I found the post, only it was missing most of the photos, just a grayed-out image. It had happened before and I thought it was a fluke. Not happy about it – they suggested a “fix” – I did not want to risk messing up my blog … my alternative is to do a 45-minute, one-on-one screen share with a Happiness Engineer – not done that yet.

    I think all our tempers are short, our nerves are frayed … here we are dealing not only with COVID-19 but an election year … don’t even get me started on that. I can’t vote anyway – I’m not American. Please don’t discontinue your blog … take a blog break. I am sure it is a labor of love, just like mine is. I will look at your link you mentioned.

    Punk lives on … pink hair in a mohawk. And you were there to capture it in Technicolor. 🙂

    1. That whole election thing has many people worried. There is not much going on this year that is actually positive… I think I need to go outside us much as I can and capture more things in technicolor 😉 something fun to share

      1. I wondered how much the U.S. election would affect other countries – we know what they think of Trump. It is a sad situation what is going on in our country right now. The unrest from this last police brutality of Jacob Blake has touched off another round of protests – there will be more people unmasked, not social distancing, like what happened after George Floyd on May 25th. The heat, the virus – what a year.

      2. I think Obama changed the view about America internationally, at least in Germany. Trump or not, there is a huge uprise of right wing idiots and mask refusers … Fingers crossed Trump won’t make it this time around. That would be one good thing this year

      3. I agree with you – Trump has created SO much dissension in this country. It is like a pot ready to boil over right now. I pop onto Twitter throughout the day just to see what is a trending topic and all day long … Trump monopolizes those topics and not in a good way. I agree with you – surely one good thing could happen … fingers crossed. [I have to mention this … I was on here earlier today and clearing SPAM – I had two comments from you in my SPAM … I approved both, but only see one here. I’m going to try and track it down, but after your post about SPAM, I had to mention it.]

  6. Punk lives. I won’t use the block editor until I’m forced to, and then I’ll just leave if it royally sucks. Been here ten years paying my hard-earned money to WP services and using their classic editor no probs. Classic editor rocks.
    You can tell they’re ‘tinkering’ under the hood because everything’s slow and clunky, I’ve lost some followers and some follows, and sometimes I’m spending more time deleting vitamin sites than I am blogging.
    They were supposed to drop the new block editor on us all in June, but have held back (it simply didn’t work – no blaming Covid-19 for that).
    Love WP, but hate it when they tinker.

    1. That is interesting. I lost a few hundred followers a while back and was wondering if they just cleared out vacant blogs. — Vitamin sites with me too 😉 I guess if everyone is having issues with WP at the moment it makes it a bit easier to just live with it, for now. Those happiness engineers should make us happy

      1. A few hundred? Oof. You might be right about the clearing of vacant blogs thing, and I hope WP does this regularly to get rid of the clutter.

        It surprises me if I get a new follower, then go check them out, and it says ‘blog no longer available.’ Did they get shut down straightaway for their content I wonder?
        I regularly weed these ones out, along with the vitamin sites and any other dodgy-looking crap. Largely, I can say my following is genuine sites.

        I wonder if the happiness engineers are happy? Or have they been replaced with happier happiness enginers? 🙂

      2. Ah, this one made me chuckle. I wonder how happy those happiness enginers are at the moment … but I’m sure the buggy phase won’t last forever! (If you loose folowers that really don’t exsist anymore that’s not a bad thing.) Never worked out ‘not available anymore’. I kinda figured, they never got started. This blog is in pouting mode for now and I’ll work out in the meantime where to go from here. Good luck with your blog happiness 😉

      3. Now you made me chuckle with ‘pouting mode’ hah 🙂 I’m feeling in a similiar way – I have a proper ‘full-on-stroppy-rant’ post waiting in edit, but holding back a mo as I’m in a very good mood and don’t want to ruin my own party thanks to WP.
        So, happy pouting, me dear, here’s to work-in-progress strops, former disgruntled happiness engineers given a pay rise to become super happy happiness engineers, and blogs that are no longer available (due to no content, spam, Covid-19) and here’s to striking disgruntled happiness engineers, plus WP pro job-market searches for Happiness Editing Engineers to edit out those comments like: “Wow, cool blog!” 😉

  7. Punk is not dead. I still have my safety pin earring. 🙂

    I think wordpress must be upgrading something internally. When I click on a blog to comment “api-wordpress” momentarily replaces the actual blog address. The block editor goes crazy sometimes. I think they are fixing or upgrading too many things at the same time. Ah, technology….

  8. If you don’t like the new WordPress editor, you could install the “Classic Editor” plugin. That’s what I’m using, and it works fine for me. I suppose some day I will have to learn the new editor, but I think I’ll wait a while, until they get more of the bugs fixed.
    I have had only one problem with Askimet so far, a perfectly normal comment being shunted into a spam folder. But otherwise, it seems to be working OK.

    1. I have to use the old editor for work and actually like the new one better but I shouldn’t say this too loud here 😉 Many comments end up in spam if you use negative words like ‘no’ or post a link with it but perfectly normal comments end up there with me. I’ve tried to set it so I can see all comments again like it used to be but it simply doesn’t let me do it. Nobody wants to look like the cow that can’t be bothered to answer their comments. It’s driving me bonkers! — Funny, thinking about growing your blog and thinking about quitting are strangely close together

  9. So glad you brought this up. I was going to ask readers to check their tags as my most recent post has the same problem. Can’t post under the “creative writing” or “poetry” tag. I found some objectionable content under a very bland and totally ordinary tag. When I tried to report the blogs, I got error messages.

    1. That does sound weird. Maybe with Gutenberg they put more on their plate then they can stomache? I am a WordPress girl afterall, hopefully they get all this bug free…er …

      1. These glitches are caused by incompatibility with the new architecture which they’ve clomped on top of the old code. This platform is like Venice. It looks really pretty from afar but the buildings are crumbling daily because the water line is going up.

  10. It seems like WP is giving problems to some of us in various ways. Working in reader is fine but I can’t like or comment on any blog otherwise, I mean using the blog link 🙁

    1. Hey, that doesn’t sound like much fun either. At least you can comment here without going to the spam folder first 😉

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