On Writing & Elves

All writers have this vague hope that the elves will come in the night and finish any stories.

Neil Gaiman

bekitschig blog Quotes All writers have this vague hope that the elves will come in the night and finish any stories bekitschig blog

Picture by Three-shots on Pixabay

Are you waiting for the elves? Have a positive and productive week!

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15 thoughts on “On Writing & Elves

  1. Is this like the Tooth Fairy dropping by if you put the tooth that fell out under your pillow before going to bed? I hope you have the Tooth Fairy in your Germany or you may think I’ve lost my mind!

    1. It’s not really a thing but some people do that tooth fairy thing. It’s a bit like Halloween. We do have brownies (Heinzelmännchen) though. Similar to garden gnomes. They come out at night and help with the work. I haven’t seen one yet. If so, they could start with that homework for my writing class …

      1. Ha ha – well if you don’t get that assignment done for that writing class, you can say the Heinzelmannchen ate it. Are they like sprites? Sprites are considered “imps” or “mischief makers”. Here it is joked if a student does not have their homework assignment they say “the dog ate it!” I admire that you know German and English. English is difficult to learn – so many little phrases and meanings which would make no sense in translation and so many words sound the same or are pronounced differently, or vice versa.

      2. Hi Linda. The Heinzlmännchen are more like Chritsmas elves, as in they are friendly and helpful. I know naughty gnomes more from the UK or Skandinavian countries but than again I’m not a gnome scientist 😉 Might be really worth looking into the history a bit more.
        There are things in the English language that I will never get my around, like the pronounciation of readable and eatebale. 😉

      3. OK, got it. I was thinking of Sprites from when I was a Brownie.

        You can do the gnome history for a term paper for your writing class and then “double-dip” and use it for your blog.

        The English language is crazy and I pity anyone who tries to master it as a second language. And, something else … I now check the “Urban Slang Dictionary” if I use a word or phrase that’s been around for a while because sometimes it turns out the meaning twenty years ago does not match up with the current meaning … it has nothing to do with it and I’ve never heard of the context, so it’s OMG and then I leave it out or find another word. 🙂

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