Fabolously Retro

What is kitsch? It’s hot, trendy, and often fabulously retro! The term refers to objects with mass-appeal that become highly sought-after collectibles. Today, little else evokes kitschy quite as well as crafts from the past.

be kitschig blog What is kitsch? It’s hot, trendy, and often fabulously retro!

From Kitschy Crafts. A Celebration of Overlooked 20th-Century Crafts by Jo Packham & Matt Shay

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Leading up to Christmas, this quote seems strangely fitting.

Thanks for flying with be kitschig! Have a lovely start to your week. May your festive season be free of stress and full of love.

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Popeye Village Malta

Dong Xuan Center Berlin

My First Christmas Pickle

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5 thoughts on “Fabolously Retro

  1. Well, very cool … how to create your own kitsch. Winter is coming, so more time to create something, kitschy or not. I took a peek at the link and that’s a wide range of crafts, going from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, I read some of the comments from people and I’m picturing a lot of crocheted crafts (crocheted toilet paper cover with the lady’s head on top) or especially the items made with macaroni and sprayed with silver or gold glitter.

      1. Oh yes, Pinterest … they make everything look easy. I see these two-minute videos on crafts sometimes. Same thing. It never looks like theirs. We made macaroni Christmas wreaths and trees back in the day.

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