How much worth is your head?

So, we’re back from our holidays, and let me tell you, I had no idea until we got to Italy, how much I really needed this break.


While we were enjoying the free WIFI spots, turns out, I got head hunted on LinkedIn.

Don’t get me wrong, it was gold for the ego (I have never been head hunted before), but the decision-making progress spiraled out of control!

A start up from California can certainly offer money that is rather inspiring to jump on that project. However, it is a truth for many freelancers, that this is the point in time, when you better get out your calculator. In the end, I did not take on the position, as I would probably have ended up paying a fortune for my health insurance and working a lot more hours would’ve simply not been worth it.

How much worth is your head?

How much worth is your sanity?

My workload at the moment allows me to still work on my writing projects. While my bread job has let me down many times before, it still does pay my bills and we’ve got a good thing going.

Creative people need the time to be creative, as it is like breathing. If I had been younger, I may have decided on the money. (Well, probably not.)

Write, write, write!

Plus, I picked up a new project that I personally find really promising and is a lot of fun with some pretty decent people.

So I got head hunted

Not all that glitters is gold. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is iffy .

Listen to your gut feeling – it’s there for a reason.

So, this is my two cents after a wayyyy too long absence. (I missed you guys! You know who you are.)

Have you been head hunted?

How do you deal with decisions?

Did you have a good summer?

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10 thoughts on “How much worth is your head?

  1. Glad you enjoyed your vacation Jeanine. I have been conflicted for years about my job. I have been a legal secretary now for 42 years as I got out of college and could not not find a job, but worked in an ad agency 18 months, hoping to work my way up the ladder. That didn’t happen so decided to be a legal secretary until something else came along in my field. I have worked for a sole practitioner since 2000 and I got laid off after the recession. I was unemployed and when called back, it was only part-time. I said “I’m not going to work on site for part-time, but will work from home and take a cut in my salary.” This was before it was fashionable to work remotely. So I’ve had a work-from-home gig since 2011. I would not have started walking or blogging if I had looked for a traditional job, full-time, working in “the Big City.” There are times I have wanted to kick myself and other times applaud my decision, especially the commute, which had been a bus trip to/from Detroit, but now involved two separate buses after we moved out on our own. No chance for a do-over as that ship has sailed. Now I await when he retires as I will retire too – he is 75; I am 66. I’m ready now.

  2. Misplaced response to your comment here: Yeah, I’m a real enough writer, but most of the time it doesn’t feel that way. Maybe that’s good–it keeps a person from getting a swelled head, or at least it can if the writer-in-question pays attention.

    1. It was so nice and warm … good to soak up some sun before 8 months of Berlin winter 😉
      Thank you, I think so, too. My excitement went from “wow” to “no, thanks” rather quickly!

  3. Interesting tale and I trust you made the right decision. It’s not a choice I ever had to make, but I was poached by a publisher after my first novel came out–and they did accept my next novel when I eventually sent it to them. It made me feel (for minutes at least) like a real writer.

    1. Hi Ellen, certainly a tale I didn’t think I’d tell … When we decided to move back to Germany, suddenly all these doors opened. Life is funny like that.
      Love to feel like that one day, too. You are a real writer but it is probably an odd feeling?!?

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