On Flattery

Flatter yourself critically.

Willis Goth Regier

Author of In Praise of Flattery

Quote Flatter yourself critically.   Willis Goth Regier be kitschig blog

Do you like flattery? If you’re anything like me, a compliment will very likely just bounce off imedialtely.

Yet, a wee bit of positivity has hardly ever hurt anyone.

From time to time, let a little flatter flutter by.

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12 thoughts on “On Flattery

    1. Thank you Linda. It’s fun to play with words. I’ve been told I overdose here and there but on this space I can just do it!

      1. Yes, here is the place, your own space, to do your own thing. My boss is a wordsmith. His father made him and his two brothers learn a page out of the Oxford English dictionary every day. Memorize how to spell the words and also what they meant. He xeroxed a page for each of them and would quiz them on it. Yikes! But he likes words, unusual ones.

      2. Yes – he credits his love of words and unusual phrases to his father doing that. My boss said his father, who was an attorney in sole practice, spent more time at the office than he did raising him and his brothers – their mom raised them. But the father would come home for dinner with a xerox copy of the next day’s “word list” and hand it to each boy, then ate dinner, then went back to work for a few more hours. My boss had the Oxford English Dictionary collection at our office so that “lesson plan” stuck with him the rest of his life. The OED has a separate volume for each letter of the alphabet, except I think XY & Z are one volume. They are oversized books and he had to have a carpenter make special shelves for the collection.

  1. Haha, “let a little flatter flutter by” is beautiful. May I flatter you with that compliment?
    As for me, sometimes I am flattered, sure, but most times I’m just flattened 😊

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