Postcards from Berlin #11

street art berlin be kitschig blog
Press here if you no longer care
Street art Berlin Papagay
The Papagay
Leisepark, we call it park while it is really an old part of a cemetery, definitely a great spot to spot squirrels
dared art street art berlin
hackescher markt streetart berlin
Partners in crime
street art Putin is gay
Gay means happy
Thank you spring cleaning for coming up with my fluffy notebook and that long lost SD card
Berlines Dudes – free art all over Berlin
Karl Lagerfeld Neon Sign
Neon Sign Karl – the other day at Kaufhof

20 Quotes by Karl Lagerfeld

Thomas Baumgärtel (?)
big sticker bomb mauerpark

Stickerbomb by Jimbo One near Mauerpark – more on this soon, stay tuned
Berlin still life
human centerpiede
feedman, this reminds me of a rather disturbing South Park episode
Lady with a beard … feedman

10 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #11

  1. I refrained from pushing the button in the first photo, though it was a little tempting. Would it make a sound when pushed in reality? What sound? Thanks for sharing these views of Berlin.

  2. Have sent you by email a kitsch-photo some hours ago, a finding near S-Westkreuz. It is named “Kitsch near S-Westkreuz” and my email-adress starts with “ulli….”. May be it is in your spam-file. Bye, bye.

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