Karl on being trendy

Trendy is the last stage before tacky.

Karl Lagerfeld

Oh, let’s hope this week will be super tacky! Complete with crazy costume changes and wind machines. Yes, it is that time of year again, FINALLY! This year the 64th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Israel. 41 countries will be competing in Tel Aviv for the best loved performance. As per usual, the semi finals will take place on Tuesday and Thursday. On the big night on Saturday the finalists from those shows plus the Big Five will compete for the most points.

Be kitschig blog Eurovision 2019 Schlager Sunday

While we cannot ask Karl anymore, it seems safe to assume he would have called the ESC something like an atrocious crime for taste.


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6 thoughts on “Karl on being trendy

  1. …and Karl probably would have raised a large glass of Cola Light when doing so! Whenever I dare to drink a Cola Light I tell my co-workers, ‘I’m drinking Karl’s favorite, perhaps it contributed to his pacreatic cancer, but who knows?’ then I take a sip. It’s not the best drink for thirsty souls but…it was apparently Karl’s drink of choice. Mine is actually clean water, but in a pinch, Karl’s fave will do. Enjoy the ESC!

    1. He he, he certainly had style … Thanks, will do! Yesterday was certainly a good start. Let us hope the hostess won’t have a heart attack on Saturday! Are you watching?

      1. It’s been a rather confusing Eurovision. We, well all 4 of us, thought Italy was terrible! I was more pro Australia (for the performance) and Slovenia (for the song). They should have put some make-up on that lady … BUT the Netherlands are gonna put up an awesome show, Hey, they used to nail Domino Day

      2. Australia’s performance was, like the lady said, kind of Kate Bush, which was cool. The swaying sticks made a ‘comeback’ later in the week when I watched the newer ‘Mad Max’…oh look, those sticks, the hooligans used them while driving crazily through the desert! I’d never seen them before ESC actually. An Australian invention?

      3. Funny how things seem to make a full circle! I am 98% sure there have never been sticks before on the ESC

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