Doors of Prenzlauer Berg

No more waiting at Godot
A what? A Video Rental! Damn, they are hiring.
danziger strasse berlin Bordell
Club 53
Odd story that is. While coal ming is supposed to be on the way out in Germany, some people still insit on deforesting the forest of Hambach, even though we do not even know if this spot will ever be allowed to be mined for coal. Hambacher Forst is an untouched ecosystem. There is no Planet B.
Remains of Art Deco
The welcoming door of Pauls Boutique, or F off
These kinda doors give you an idea what the city of Berlin might have looked like before WW2
Secret Garden Todesstreifen death strip
Secret Garden

Former Death Strip, looking from Prenzlauer Berg to Wedding
peacock door pfau tuer

Peacock doors. Who would not want to come home to this?
By Delicious Brains
Miniature history berlin little big city
Entrance of Little Big City Berlin
Technically Mitte not Prenzlauer Berg
freie internationale tankstelle berlin mitte streetart be kitschig blog
FIT, repurposed gas station
Prater. Theater & beer garden in Berlin. Feel free to come with gumboots
be kitschig blog doors of prenzlauer berg
El Bocho & the hairdresser
the way to education is not paved with gold
Abandoned School & Library

If you were precise this is probably Mitte or Wedding. Maybe the post title is a wee bit off here today, but hey, this is not a scientific publication …
Enjoy your perception of these doors.

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  1. Am I strange for thinking this could be the introduction to a coffee table book of different doors from around the world?
    I think it would sell.
    I LOVE this.

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