Dress for Success

Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.

Coco Chanel

dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today Coco Chanel Quote

Do you still dress properly?

We’ve been homebound for two weeks now and my blogging schedule is a wee bit off; mostly because I really don’t know what day it is. Work is when you brush your hair and put on a bra.

Too much food, kids’ room as clean as it will ever be (and where please are the witnesses?) and we a growing little plants and crystals. No cabin fever here just yet but it looks as if we just got started on this new adventure… Stay safe!


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13 thoughts on “Dress for Success

  1. How ironic in the Age of Corona! Mask on! I believe the mask wearing will be as competitive as any fashion: who has the nicest/best/most expensive/designed by…/lable/ limited edition/etc. etc.

    1. You are probably right on this one! In Berlin hand-made in really in at the moment. Let’s see what’s the fab next week?!

  2. Worst enemy, eh? I have a few people in mind and the corresponding clothes in mind.
    How are you holding up? Do the garden gnomes wake you up at night?
    Stay safe
    (I realize I still don’t your name, or alias…)

    1. Hey, it’s Jeanine; with the original GDR spelling 😉 Still holding up okay but it’s not the gnomes but the cat. All this free time but no sleeping in! Ever! I guess if that’s my biggest problem right now, it’s really not all that bad … How are you doing?

      1. Enchanté Jeannine. Hadn’t thought about cats. They spend half their life sleeping, half outside… I don’t think you can wash the cat every time it comes back. Cats don’t like baths…
        We’re okay here in Mexico. I am just concerned that our idiot president will soon destroy the economy… They have a long track record of doing that in Lat Am…
        Say safe.

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