Your Pants & You

Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.

Karl Lagerfeld

They just seem perfect for January…

9 thoughts on “Your Pants & You

  1. That’s a super-oldie which is still of a certain actuality, or now, in these times, even a ‘necessity’. We no longer can ask Karl (and I wouldn’t) but we try to get clothed decently because it just feels ‘right’ to do so. Hero Husband has now started to wear his polo shirts but that is because he’s running out of shirts which I can’t iron because our ‘Hausmeister’ used my iron to do some glue-work on the shelves and because he clumsily used my iron on an already glue-soiled rag, my iron is now covered in glue. I ordered a new iron anyway but the delivery is delayed by already 2 weeks so I have all the excuses on the ready! 😉

    1. Hi Kiki, sorry, you were hiding in my spam. I think this is the right attitude. You see those photos of bloggers hanging on the couch. I could do that for an hour but in the long run you need a desk, sit up straight and probably wear decent clothes. Now ironing is for pros! Kudos. Sorry about your iron! Shopping is hard these days. I bought all presents for the kids birthday at Kaufland …

  2. I’ve been wondering why pants similar to sweatpants are in Germany called ‘wellness’ pants. What’s supposed to be so ‘well’ about them? Are they the ‘cure’ for that sweatpants defeated feeling? Minus elastic around the ankle, the ‘wellness’ pant maybe lets at least your foot circulation increase, in case, in that defeated mood, you just shoved the sweatpants in the wash maschine and ‘cook washed’ at around 90 Grad? That can cause a bad case of Shrinkeroo.

    1. You’re hilarious! At least in this part of Berlin they also seem rather popular as an outside garment… I wonder when the gym chick will hit these streets?!?

  3. I agree with you and disagree with Lagerfeld. I’m sure he has a pair hidden somwehwere himself 😁

    On another note, I responded to your award and have posted about it on my blog. Thanks again for the nomination. Have a great day 😊

    1. I find it hard to imagine… Maybe a pair or two made out of peace silk?? I’ll check it out! Have a wonderful day, too 🙂

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