Once you believe things are permanent, you’re trapped in a world without doors.

Genesis P-Orridge

Once you believe things are permanent, you're trapped in a world without doors. Genesis P-Orridge be kitschig blog Quote

Sometimes it helps to cut up our realities and reassemble our worlds. This quote is taken from an article by Genesis P-Orridge on Brion Gysin. You’ll find the complete text here.

In the meantime, I’ll try not to feel too trapped. Happy lock down to you. Enjoy your week!

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Picture by Pexels on Pixabay

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12 thoughts on “Trapped

    1. Exactly … Not to be too dramatic here, these feelings come in little waves. Most days are alright anyways. Stay safe!

  1. It’s not that bad. We are still in a rather enviable position, compared to others, don’t you think so?

    1. This is not Brazil and we’re not broke yet, for sure. But we’ve been living in lock down all year. This is a big city after all and the parks are so crowded that you cannot really go there either. With everything shut, the parks are fuller than before. There simply is no end in sight, the new rules won’t be pretty, school is one scarry chaos and we’re all slowly getting a bit funny. There are many of us who don’t know if we’ll have a job in half a year.
      People are social beings. Without catching up with friends or a bit of culture here and there it is really hard to function like a normal person. But after all, you’re right. We’re doing pretty well compared to others.

  2. All things are temporary & transient – the entire universe and all its constituent parts. No exceptions. The only permanent is impermanence itself. Some deep profound stuff for you there. Kinda makes the ESC a total irrelevance (not that it wasn’t already!)😎

    1. I find that quote pretty comforting. Like cutting up words and rearranging them from time to time. If there was no movement, the world would be a scary place! (Nice for finding the way to Eurovision ;))

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