Gift Basket

After hell in a hand basket, we are free to roam freely! Partial Lockdown turned into Lockdown sometime before Christmas and that didn’t change in 2021. At some point the rules just got a bit stricter, so many of us lost their bubble families as well.

Since Friday, eateries are allowed to cater to people outside again! With a test of course but it has the nice side effect that people don’t pile up in the parks. Museums and castles are slowly opening, as well as a few theatres with outside shows. Rumors go, the gyms might even open at some point in summer. While it is hard to understand that they lock us down for so long and in a few weeks people can fly to who knows where … it still offers a glimpse of hope.

So, we are all slowly crawling out of our caves, the sun hurts the eyes a bit and we may have lost a few social abilities. When you see friends you don’t have anything to talk about and kinda secretly compare who gained the most weight (which is generally me). To cover all this awkwardness, why not bring a gift basket? Pack it with all the Corona basics and a gnome for good luck (especially for British friends).

Corona gift basket - to a summer without lockdown

Thanks for flying with be kitschig.

Enjoy your summer! Make the most of your time between waves and lockdowns. Stay healthy, happy and sane!

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29 thoughts on “Gift Basket

  1. Hi Jeanine – since there can never be too many gnomes I found some in the neighborhood and sent them to you on FB … maybe one day you’ll run out of pictures and need ’em. Have a good weekend. 🙂

  2. [I apologize for my tardiness in commenting Jeanine. I am many days behind in Reader thanks to a major computer malfunction at work. On May 20th, our Outlook crashed and we lost our ability to e-mail for about five days, plus lost all our data; we went from Outlook and Word 2010 to Office 365. I’ve spent a great deal of my own time troubleshooting with the I.T. guy and spent most of the long holiday weekend doing yardwork. So now I will try my best to get through a massive amount of blog posts.] I feel the same way as you about them lifting the restrictions. All of a sudden we could be mask-free if vaccinated, stores were permitting that on the honor system. The capacity levels for indoors and outdoors has been thrown out the windows … I think it’s too soon, just like you. I mean, all that strictness and you go hog wild now? They’re already warning of doom and gloom come Fall when people go back inside when the weather gets cooler.

    1. Oh, that doesn’t sound like fun … I have given up on the reader; there is no way I’ll ever catch up! I try to look at all the blogs that liked and commented + my favorites. Unfortunately, sometimes I haven’t visited a blog in months!

      1. I may have to do that too Jeanine … I tried last night to catch up and got thru three days and am still a week behind. The computer fiasco messed me up badly and this is not the first time we’ve had computer issues that took down the whole system. Good thing it is just my boss and me.

      2. That sounds like a huge headache! Especially in the legal field you’d think every note is important. Bigger companies might have much better IT & support.
        One can’t turn back time (or finish the reader) 🙂

      3. It is a headache – you are right Jeanine. By the time Friday has arrived the last three weeks, I feel my brain is mush. I like those words of wisdom. I am muddling along in slow motion.

  3. Crawling out is the world. Thought of you the other day, when I came across something totally Kitsch. We have now entered the era of Kitsch Marketing. I will share the picture soon.
    have a nice week Freundin.

      1. The world is becoming Kitsch fast. You were a precursor observer. Our only salvation will come from street art.

      2. When times get rough, people tend to turn to kitsch. Around here, I balance it out with street art already 🙂 I should’ve considered market research as a career 😉

      3. Marktforschung? (If I recall?) I could have recommended you to a couple of friends. Now they’re all retired. Darn.

  4. Toilet paper!? In a gift basket!? 😂
    Here in the US, most are stocked up to the end of 2021!
    A cartoon circulated back in early 2020 of two kids, each on top of piles of tp in grocery carts; one said, “What is coronavirus?” The other answered, “No idea, but whatever it is toilet paper must be the cure.”

      1. What a difference in cultures! In Mongolia friends were hoarding water although there IS some sense to that.

    1. Thank goodness it’s raining, otherwise we might go to a restaurant. Am I ready for such a big step? 😅

  5. My gosh, happy awakening! Hoping that all goes smoothly as everyone comes out of hibernation. All the different restrictions across countries is so bizarre. Won’t be long until traffic jams occur again if they haven’t already!

    1. Yeah, it’s really crazy for us, too. After home-schooling we’re back for 3 hours of school a day. Not system relevant, so not eligible for after school care, which makes working really hard … I wouldn’t wanna be single and alone in home office either … In the end, for so many people/countries it is a lot worse. So far, only jams in front of the ice cream places! This year will stay interesting!

    1. 🤔 are you proud of me now? I’m yet to digest the outcome … Plus, I promised to leave you guys be for a year 😉

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