Schlager Sunday – Wind of Change

Wind of Change is a power ballad from Crazy World, the 11th studio album by the Scorpions. The singer Klaus Meine was inspired to write the song by a visit to Moscow in late summer of 1989.

The song captures the mood towards the end of the Cold War and struck a chord with many people. So far,

Wind of Change is the best-selling song by a German artist and also one of the best-selling songs of all time worldwide. It is associated with the revolutions in Communist and Socialist countries from 1989 onwards as well as the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It also holds an impressive number of Gold and Platinum records.

There were a few cover versions that I ended up kicking out of this post. If you’re keen, head over to the Tube of your choice. There is a cornucopia of different interpretations! People just love this song. Growing up in the former GDR, I can still not watch these scenes without getting teary. Every single time.

Here’s to freedom!

Let’s whistle away into the new week!

Scorpions Wind of Change

Schlager Sunday – 99 Luftballons

Schlager Sunday – Cheri Cheri Lady

Picture by ClaudiaWollesen on Pixabay

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15 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Wind of Change

  1. Had the good fortune to see this group many years back during the Monsters of Rock show in LA. (Along with Kingdom Come, Metallica, Dokken, and Van Halen.) This one is a great song.

  2. I remember this song when it became popular on MTV (back when MTV played music videos). Hard to recall now how optimistic we all felt in those days, after growing up in the shadow of nuclear war, when the wall came down and the various republics started breaking away from the Soviet Union …

    1. To me, this song was so overplayed even back then. I’m not sure how I felt, to be honest, but there was a lot of hope in the air … I was pretty young still and I remember a lot of older people crying. Looking at the world today, it almost seems like old news.

    1. I always had the feeling they are more popular in other countries?!? Than again, I missed their golden era by a few years 🙂

  3. I know the song captured a moment but, for me, it was played so often that it now leaves me cold. The Scorpions had some great, classic songs!! I had no idea that this is the best-selling song by a German artist but I suppose it stands to reason. Now, where is that Animal Magnestism CD??

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