True Kitsch

For me, true kitsch has nothing to do with irony. It’s very honest. It represents what people like, their dreams.

Marcel Wanders

true kitsch has nothing to do with irony. It's very honest. Marcel Wanders

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13 thoughts on “True Kitsch

    1. Oh thank you Mr Oh. Many people look at kitsch as if it was the most terrible thing in the world … It probably wouldn’t be here in the first place, if people didn’t like it 🙂

      1. Ha ha, in Australia it was Neigbours, in Germany Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten — everybody is watching those soaps but nobody would ever admit it! 😉
        I’m not sure, if they are kitsch, but certainly not art

      2. Just regular spam. I think WP doesn’t like short comments. Nevertheless, I feel like a douche for not replying. Will check spam more often!

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