It seemed like a good idea at the time

Before we get started here, does anybody know the name of that guy?

So much for the wordless part of this Wednesday.

The avid reader of this blog may remember that we moved continents a while back. Unfortunately, none of us works in dentistry, law or politics, so moves like that are heavy on your nerves and on your budget. Slowly, we’ve been upgrading bits and pieces over the last years, luckily mostly not from the Scandinavian furniture distributor. (No offence guys. It always seems cheap until you end up with way too many sented candles & Co. plus none of us likes to live in a catalog.)

We’ve treated ourselves to some nice design lighting and a few awesome lamps magically made it here completey free! Damn, you gotta love a good bargain. (A big shout out to in Berlin.)

For some odd reason, we’ve been blessed with teeny-tiny kitchens in nearly every place we lived. With this one, we just cannot seem to make it work. We figured, if we can ever afford to move in Berlin, a cupboard from IKEA will fit anywhere. It did seem like a good idea, in the meantime, I’ll work out how these screws and the rest of the flat packs will go together.

There comes a time in any girls’ life where you are just too proud to ask a man for help. Hey, I rock Kallax.

I’ll be back, eventually, in the meantime, cross your fingers no one gets hurt.

So, what is the name of that IKEA cartoon dude?

Ikea Männchen im Bilder Rahmen VIRSERUM -  it seemed like a good idea at the time

Älmhult Gubbe

Now, if you knew the name of the Ikea friend you’ve earned a nice pat on the back. Clearly, I cannot afford any giveaways.

Have a Happy Hump day.

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Update: While I was happily screwing away, next day all my fun was completely gone and all of the above seems completely pointless. I am scared about the situation in the Ukraine. #firstworldproblems

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15 thoughts on “It seemed like a good idea at the time

  1. Never knew his name or even that he had one… good info! He’s always so practical and able. I’ve built a few Ikea items now and kind of pretend I’m building big Lego or Meccano sets. But yep, the recent news in Ukraine is upsetting and worrying isn’t it.

  2. I didn’t know the IKEA guy’s name – we have an IKEA store, not near me, but I only hear people talking about the meatballs. 🙂 I am not mechanically inclined in the least and I one time had to put together a weed eater machine. The directions were not easy and I had to put it aside multiple times until I was in a frame of mind to finish putting it together. There weren’t that many pieces either. The situation in Ukraine is sad and there have been peace rallies as people in our state show solidarity for the Ukrainians. The pictures on news sites on Twitter are heartbreaking.

    1. So true … I may had to unscrew that one dawn thing a few times … grrrr … Only one band aid! I cut myself unpacking the new screw driver. I’m a real pro 😉

  3. I hope the cupboard was easy to put together! My last apt had a very small kitchen and a very tiny cupboard above the sink that accommodated a few dishes and cups. I had to store everything else in the clothes closet. I ended up ordering two wooden stand-alone cupboards that I put together myself. I still have them and now use them for linens and art supplies. I’m never ready for Spring cleaning! 😀

    1. I find moving a lot easier than sprign cleaning 🙂 Three days in but far from finnished. The cupboard and I got along well. Mostly. But it’s more fun to do these things with other people. Right now there’s no soace in this place without kitchen stuff. I washed the shower curtain yesterday; this might get out off hand …

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