The Birds

Birds, what can I say? Wellcome to yet another not so wordless Wednesday.

This post is dedicated to Linda.

Note the selfie lady to the right. She was there the entire time I took these photos.

For all of you that are new (ish) on this blog, I mentioned my love/ hatred relationships with birds before here and there. As a kid, I watched some Hitchcock movie a few years too early. Ever since, I have found birds a bit creepy.

Since I took pictures of flamingos and peacocks for Linda, I figured, what the heck.

Remains of GDR art
Mountain Caracara
The Birds - photos from Tierpark Berlin 
be kitschig blog
Secretary Bird
Black-Necked Swan

Porcelain Birds

Peacock Fountain

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20 thoughts on “The Birds

  1. They have a large flamingo enclosure at the San Diego Safari Park and I can honestly say that it’s the stinkiest area of the entire place. And that’s saying a lot, because they have places where elephants poop!

  2. Or is it ‘Alles’? (I found my notebook from my year at the Goethe… I will go through it again…

  3. Interesting relationship with birds. I didn’t know.
    Having said that, I would say flamingoes are Kitsch. One of my e-friends draws a flamingo called Felicity which inspired me to write a story. (If you are curious, I can send you the link, if you haven’t read it yet.)
    Alls Gut?

    1. Oh please do! Flamingos really are kitschy (of course I’ve got lawn once) may I add peacocks? Curious about your story. All good here, it is Eurovision week after all 🌈

  4. Jeanine – Well I wish I could double-like this post! (I am so glad I scrolled through Reader to see what was posted today … I’m so far behind reading right now.) Right away I saw birds on “Be Kitschig” and had to click. I had a feeling a peacock might be there. 🙂 But whoa – so much more to see. That peacock is amazing and I hope to see one some day. I loved the flamingos. I saw some many years ago at Parrot Jungle, not as many as these though. First time seeing the Secretary Bird too (unless I loo at myself in the mirror. It looks like it was a fun Mother’s Day. Thank you again for dedicating this post to me.

    1. I’m sorry I didn’t take more pictures. There was no point going back; Tierpark is gigantic. The penguins were not creepy 🙂 I’m so happy you found it!

      1. The flamingos were a sea of pink. I think penguins are cute. I am glad I found the post – I’m still many days behind in Reader. Your post made my day Jeanine. Thank you! This morning I took some pics of more goslings (not creepy) and graffiti (very odd) at the Park – our graffiti doesn’t rival yours, that’s for sure!

  5. I love birds, of many types but according to biology there are really akin to creatures like alligators, lizards etc. It’s true and I believe it even more now after I saw one small bird cannibalize another small bird after knocking it down. I will try to put it out of my mind and continue to enjoy the osprey, eagles etc here that I love to watch. Flamingos are kinda cool to watch and I enjoy so many of the excellent documentaries online and their amazing footage.

    1. For some reason, I really like to watch eagles. Very majestic. (Maybe they were not in the movie?) When you stand infront of an Australian cassowary, you really think you’re looking at a dinosaur.
      I honestly feel uncomfortable when I see a flock of birds on an electricity line. Creepy stuff!

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