Postcards from Berlin #27

Welcome to Street Art Postcards from Berlin #27; a random edition.

Give a Damn Berlin Mauerprak Katherine Duvigneau street art
Give a Damn – Kat Pablo and her unusual paste-up style, Mauerpark
Lady paste-up by El Bocho
Someone told me Berlin is yours by El Bocho, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Postcards from Berlin #27 Wandbild Bernauer Straße for Christophe Bouchet by DYR und Wand Brand
For Christophe Bouchet – DYR & Wand Brand on the changing wall – more info on Bouchet
Tropfen und Ringe by 1010 Wandbild Bibliothek Berlin Lichtenberg - Tierpark - bekitschig blog
Across the streeet from Tierpark Berlin you find this large mural. Tropfen und Ringe by 1010 made it on a stamp! Which, of course, let to a detour about commemorative stamps by Deutsche Post and this, ladies and gentlemen, might explain, why I never get anything done…
Papa Chango Mural Berlin Lichtenberg
Papa Chango, Tierparkcenter Berlin Lichtenberg
Papa Chango Wandbild
Mural by Caro Pepe Wandbild
Caro Pepe
Wandbily by Age Age - mural - Lichtenberg - Tierpark Berlin bekitschig blog
Age Age
MATE Wandbild - Tierparkcenter - Mural Berlin Lichtenberg
mural by Coky One Nashorn Wandbild Tierparkcenter
Coky One
Tierparkbahn mit BVG Muster - Postcards from Berlin #27
The Buddy Bear exhibition is still at Tierpark. This time around we finally managed to take the tiny train. Note, it sports the infamous pattern of our public transport that is being replaced. Here you can still enjoy it in all its beauty. For more .. erm … unique seat patterns click here.
Human Rights Buddy bear Tierpark Berlin bekitschig blog
Human Rights Buddy Bear
sticker Aufkleber Kämpft um die Freiehit wie ihr ums Salatöl gekämpft habt
Fight for freedom like you fought for oil – sticker
Wo ist das Öl? Regal im Supermarkt
This is what your average oil shelve looks like at Lidl. Reminds me of my childhood in the GDR. Now wait, there wouldn’t have been olive oil. Only one bottle per person.
Pray for Flower street art postcards from Berlin #27
Pray for flower – Only 2 packs per household. What on earth do they do with all that flower?
Food Fails - Ristorante Fischstäbchen Pizza
The pizza that divides the nation. If there is anybody reading this who is familiar with Italien cuisine, please help me out here. They mix fish and cheese and serve it with red wine? I know, I should try it, before I judge it, but… hell no. Edizione Limitata, thank goodness.
Stromkasten mit Prince Paste-up Berlin street art
Prince electrical box, Prenzlauer Berg
eme freethinker street art Mauerpark Berlin
Sorry mum I’m still painting on the wall – eme freethinker, Mauerpark

Enjoy your weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #27

  1. Love it. I don’t why a selection of good street art always puts me in a good mood… Viel dank Jeannine.
    Bon week-end…

    1. De rien, Brian! I’ve been a wee bit busy but I promise, there will always be more street art around here!

  2. Lots of creativity here Jeanine … as a bear lover I like the Human Rights Buddy Bear and I don’t like (and don’t “get”) fish sticks on pizza. Why mess with perfection … as the pizza, not the fish sticks I mean. 🙂

    1. Frozen pizza is never a good choice, if you ask me … Spinach is generally the least gross. No fishstick, NOOOO!

  3. Such a fantastic array of artwork! I checked out the transit seat patterns link. I like most of the designs although I think I might get dizzy. 😀 I’m no expert, but generally fish and cheese don’t mix well.

    1. Those seat patterns are something else! L.A. was just insane. — I do like a spicy tuna pizza, but appearently, you don’t get those in Italy?!?

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