Show Me Your Pinterest And I Tell You Who You Are

Pins don’t lie

#Babushka Doll #nesting doll
Hand pained Matryoshkas

Oh, Pinterest, you’re fluffy, sparkly, DIY, food porn kinda pretty way. You don’t just offer us a cooled-up version of the world but a real space to share what inspires and moves us.

#xmas #santa #nesting doll
Santa Nesting Dolls

If you like pallet furniture, sewing for the kids or lots and lots of kitsch; love is for sharing and we’re all doing it. On Pinterest.

Get to know your friends and fauxs there and you might be up for a real surprise! I suggest starting with your boss or any other person you might find a bit difficult at times. (Hey, that was pretty polite.) You may really be up for a surprise here. It’s just pictures of cute kitty cats, you say? 1500 pins of them? Show me your Pinterest and I certainly will tell you who you are.

Russian #nesting dolls
Nesting Dolls featuring famous Russian Leaders; Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Leonid Brezhnev, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin

I am still taking baby steps on WordPress so if you’d like to get to know be kitschig better in the meantime have a look at the boards on Pinterest. It’s my favorite Social Media. Come join me!

Be nice. Be green. Be kitschig.

Join in!

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