Glitter in the veins

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Paris Hilton has glitter in her veins

Some seem to sparkle more than others and now it is official news; Paris Hilton has glitter in her veins.
Just in case you’ve missed Paris Hilton…
She is a full-time Celebutante, heiress and it-girl. From the looks of it, she also seems to think her right cheek is more photogenic than the other one. Now, if you think she also has glitter for brains you might turn green by the moneys coming in from her lines of accessories, clothing, handbags and perfume as well as TV shows and appearances. Kudos.

I’d like to see her on Broadway. With girls and boys that have glitter in their veins.

This week’s quote has been put together with “Bauhaus 93” and sparkles from Pixabay.

Make this week a good one.

2 thoughts on “Glitter in the veins

  1. I have glitter in my veins I really wanna know what it means xx

    1. He he, me neither! Some quotes leave a lot of room for interpretation. It may mean something like, she just has this way she came out like and she’s embracing it? Like in “Legally Blonde”? But I’m really not sure 😉

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