Weekend Movie – Kissin’ Cousins

Hillbillies meet M*A*S*H

Musical, Comedy.

Kissing Cousins #Elvis
Corny Double Elvis

U.S. Air Force Second Lieutenant Josh Morgan (Elvis) is on a mission to convince Tennessee mountain folk to allow the military to build a missile base on their land. He soon encounters his distant relatives; Jodie (Elvis), who looks very much like Josh, Selena and Azalea. Guess what, his young cousins compete to win his affection…

Everybody kinda wins in the end. I wonder if Kissin’ Cousins had support from the military because they don’t come across too smart in this movie. They do get half of the mountain though and grandpa can continue with his moonshining. Most of the couples are somehow related, which is really a bit odd, and let’s not forget the Kittyhawks. These women are man hungry, all 13 of them, and they roam the Smokey Mountains… I am not sure what the message of this movie is but you get to whatch Elvis.

Why we love it: Elvis playing two roles is like getting twice as much Elvis.

Recommended for: Elvis Fans, hillbillies, lovers of war comedy

Elvis Presley as Josh Morgan and Jodie Tatum
Arthur O’Connell as Pappy Tatum
Pamela Austin as Selena Tatum
Yvonne Craig as Azalea Tatum
Tommy Farrell as Master Sgt. William George Bailey

1964, Metro-Godlwyn-Mayer
Directed by Gene Nelson
Produced by Dick Fitzwell
Music by Gene Nelson
Screenplay by Gerald Drayson Adams, Gene Nelson
Story by Gerald Drayson Adams
Featuring Elvis Presley Songs like
Long Lonely Highway
Tender Feeling

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