Let’s Do This

Recently, I’ve changed my layout and did a bit of “that Social Media thingy”. There is a little tweaking left… but now that everything is set up nicely, I would like to focus on writing.

Writing has always been part of my life. Mind you, I’ve written and illustrated dozens of books in 3rd and 4th grade… Somewhere on my journey I simply stopped. I am not sure, if there is a book inside of me. (If so, it may involve garden gnomes or something dystopian.) Suddenly, I am in the company of many writers that honed their skills for decades.

Little steps…

The encouragement and feedback from the blogging community means a lot to me. Here, you find honest criticism, good or bad, and this is what I need to grow as a … erm … person that writes this blog. I am excited about every new great blog that I find. It is amazing how people from all over the world come together because of common interests and interact sincerely and respectfully. (Well, mostly.)

I would like to thank a few bloggers in particular for their encouragement (which always seems to come at the right time). Check out these well-written blogs. Even better, follow them.

Sabine at incahootswithmuddyboots  has a passion for gardening, life, vegetarian cooking and a talent for taking stunning photos.

Trudy takes us on a manifold tour through New York City. Don’t miss your rendezvousennewyork.

Mitch Teemley is a storyteller with a great sense of humor.

Matthias alias beat company blogs about beat authors and is a must read for any Bukowski fan.

Mark posts about photography, life and music. Very loud music. Maybe I’m being bias but check out Schönobyl. It is a great blog.

After months of ignoring my self-inflicted to-do-lists, I gave in. It is a weird concept to schedule your free time but with a little more organization you get a lot more done. Equipped with a new notebook, I created a posting schedule my 12 year old me couldn’t have made any more colorful. Having said that, I will be busy in my other life until November, so we’ll see how we go. You stumble upon great blogs that are hibernating all the time. Keeping the schedule flexible should help to find a good balance. After all, this is fun, not homework. I might throw in a Wordless Wednesday here and there and I would like to venture out into the wonderful world of kitsch a lot more.

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Happy blogging.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Do This

  1. Thanks for your kind words! I love reading your posts and watching how the blog has progressed from when I first came across your post about how the Germans have a way of saying things. That remains one of my all-time favorite posts you have written. Also love the Schlager Sunday, and book reviews. Just picked up the f***k it therapy book at the library.
    I like your plan of not wanting your blog to become homework. I am right there with you!
    Keep up the good work, Sabine

    1. Thank you for your kind words. This means a lot to me, as I really like your blog. I hope you will enjoy the book! Have a nice weekend

      1. Very interesting! I don’t think I’ve had that experience yet. I know how important the pictures are in introducing the post, but I can’t think of a time when my post evolved from a picture!

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