Unicorn, What now?

After we have witnessed the cute woodland animals, there was a huge revival of the unicorn. While your average German hipster might still recover from the Unicorn Chocolate Crisis,  what could the next fab be?

Unifish Fishcorn Unicorn be kitschig blog
Unifish / Fishcorn
unisheep Sheepcorn unicorn bekitschig blog
Unisheep / Sheepcorn / Goatcorn? I cannot work it out
Llamacon Llama unicoen be kitschig blog berlin Nanu Nana
Unillama / Llamacorn
Meowmaid Catmaid Mercat Unicorn be kitschig blog Rossman
Meowmaid / Mercat
Unicats Be kitschig blog berlin
Unicats /Kittycorn

While I was convinced, the pandicorn would be the new in animal, it almost seems as if this whole horn thing might already be on the brink of extinction. Instead, I found a bunch of llamas, sheep and cats. What will the next hip animal be? Maybe a corn dog?

(Please excuse the terrible phone photography.)

When times get rough, we get our kitsch on. Now, we are playing it fluffy.

Have you seen the last pandicorn?

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