Schlager Sunday – Moranbong Band

Moranbong Band is THE hottest Girl Band from North Korea at the moment (and very likely the only one).

Enjoy the songs as long as the internet gods allow me to show them.

Little is known about Moranbong Band. Rumors go, Kim Jong-un himself selected the members in 2012 (and don’t be surprised if some lady gets replaced overnight).

This band is some sort of an anwser to K-Pop and tries to combine modern elements with folklore. All of the band members are also highly decorated. Is this part of the military budget?

While the band is supposed to show a modern picture of the North Korean woman, it is strangely uncomfortable to watch these liberated ladies perform in front of a basically male audience.

Is it just me, or are these skirts too short?

Since musical education in North Korea is rather tight, all of these ladies actually play their own instruments. Rumors go, the short hair style is being copied all over the country.

Do yourself a favor and click at least on the last video to see Kim’s hair blowing in the wind.

(Thought the Germans clap on one, didn’t you?)

I say, Moranbong Band for Eurovision!

Schlager has runied my life

Yesterday once more

Cheri, cheri Lady

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7 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Moranbong Band

  1. The poses look very 1950s, at least to this American eye. And yeah, the skirts are too short, but then almost everyone’s is these days. Unless they’re too long.

    Remind me: Why does anyone wear a skirt?

    1. Oh thank you Ellen, if they make a point on being all tradition, the hem is BELOW the knees!
      PS: Growing up I was a super Tom Boy … No skirts for me! Turns out, all I wear is dresses
      these days
      Hey, you’re always well dressed

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