No GDR Gnome

This is an update on a Wordless Wednesday from this month, now it’s called no GDR Gnome. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking … Looking at this guy and his brand new paint job …

Retro Gartenzwerg be kitschig blog No GDR Garden Gnome

He certainly didn’t look like this garden gnome. Sorry for the false news.

bekitschig.wordpress DDR Gartenzwerg Berlin

However, this is how the story goes. I went in to the wonderful VEB Orange cause I was really keen on the new No GDR Gnome…

Turns out, none of the original vintage gnomes are for sale (they live in their private garden). The new gnome just appeared. Some lady from the neighbourhood put it in the little garden outside the shop and he just kinda lives there now. He is not taken in at night and it really shouldn’t surprise me that no person stole him yet … So far, it’s 3 weeks standing. Let’s wish him lots of luck.

Funny how perception just sometimes playes tricks on us. Just because something is in a certain spot, may not mean it is associated with it at all …

Have a tolerant weekend.

Does anyone want to place a bet on how long this gnome is going to be there?

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6 thoughts on “No GDR Gnome

  1. I hope he continues to live there and is happy. 🙂
    Where I used to live, the landlady had a gnome in the front of the house and one in the back garden. One night the front one was stolen. The thief left a note saying the gnome was traveling and would return home soon. But he never did. I guess he found better accommodations elsewhere. 😀

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