Kitsch Pleases the Greatest Possible Number of People

The aim of kitsch is not to create new needs or expectations, but to satisfy existing ones. Kitsch thus does not work on individual idiosyncrasies. It breeds on universal images, the emotional charge of which appeals to everyone. Since the purpose of kitsch is to please the greatest possible number of people, it always plays on the most common denominators.

The example of kitsch themes mentioned above belong to what one my call universal kitsch. They play on basic human impulses irrespectively of religious beliefs, political conviction, rase, or nationality. They exploit universal subjects such as birth, family, love, nostalgia, and so forth, which could, perhaps, be further analyzed in terms of Jungian archetypes. However, alongside universal kitsch we also find more specific types of religious, political, national, and local kitsch.

Tomáš Kulka Kitsch and Art

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Tomas Kulka Quote Since the purpose of kitsch is to please the greatest possible number of people, it always plays on the most common denominators bekitschig blog

Picture by Michael Kopp on Pixabay

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15 thoughts on “Kitsch Pleases the Greatest Possible Number of People

    1. It seems this years most people are really early with Christmas decorations & Co. Maybe they need something kitschy to hang on to 😉

  1. And I like these kitschy angels … I like them much more than the solemn-looking angels in long gowns, with feathery wings playing harps … these are cherubs and cute (and kitschy). 🙂

      1. This is true Jeanine – you have a wonderful weekend too. We have glorious weather here – 72 degrees F (22 C) this weekend. What did we do to deserve this I wonder?

      2. Just for kicks Jeanine, I went back there and took a picture of the gnome in my prior blog post for kicks and sent it to you at Facebook. He needs to be with the rest of his bare-bottomed kin. 🙂

  2. I’m very fond of giraffe kitsch. Just spotted a shower gel at dm the other day. It had the face of a giraffe printed on it. And guess what? I bought it. I’m also into motivational tissues. Can’t help but feeling comforted by certain types of kitsch. 😉

    1. Giraffes? Are Llama and pandicorn so 2019?
      Because of motivational tissues and that comfort kitsch this blog was probably born. Kitsch is not always just a bad thing 😉
      I may need to go to DM now …

      1. Haha, giraffes have been my number one for a while already but it looks like everyone else is spotting their coolness as well, lately. Let me know if you find anything fun throughout your ramblings at dm. And it’s so wonderful this comforting kitsch blog was born! Always puts a smile on my face. 😉

    1. Oh thank you, it should! (Amongst the occasional other reaction or two ;)) This quote really made me wonder how awesome it all is. Doesn’t always get away too great 😉

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