Anybody can complain

Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain.

Henry Ford

Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain Henry Ford Quote bekitschig blog

How’s this for a nice start to the week?

While we cannot really roam freely anymore, I couldn’t help but notice how lockdown is starting to get to people. Once we do see a person here and there my poor husband is baffled at the amount German people can nag and grumble. Anybody can complain. Maybe the art is to just shut up here and there?

Hands up if you’re guilty!

Thanks for flying with be kitschig. Stay happy, healthy and sane.

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20 thoughts on “Anybody can complain

      1. Well, I did ask him and he fell into a speech … To be honest, I have no idea (but I i will try to get this out of him. I’m keen, too)

      2. Jamestown, SA. — We lived in Adelaide for a while before we moved back to Berlin. It is not the most exciting place on this planet … They joke at the moment, Corona doesn’t goo there because it’s too boring 😉

      3. I might have flown over it en route from Adelaide to Alice Springs but have never been there. I have been fortunate in having traveled to Oz many times – probably more than 20 times and probably around 9 or 10 times to NZ. I have visited Perth, Melbourne & Sydney on numerous occasions but most frequently to Brisbane. I only did Adelaide & Canberra once – both places being equally uninspiring and neither ever warranting a return visit. Been there, seen it, done it and ticked it off the list. Most memorable place – the Kimberley. Awsome!😎😎

      4. I thought the Poms would win that one! There are some regional Pommie accents that lend themselves to the (not so subtle) art of whingeing. Whenever I was in Oz or indeed anywhere overseas, I would always distance myself from those kind of people. I’m sure you’ve seen / heard them in Germany. They are always loud and nearly always cringe-worthy / embarrassing!😎

      5. Ha ha, well, i did encounter some … Although, Germans are not well known for making great travellers. They can be pretty embarrassing, too!

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