Postcards from Berlin #29

Welcome to street art postcards from Berlin #29; the morning walk edition between Park auf dem Nordbahnhof and Mauerpark. Bad phone photography as well. Today, we’ve got ourselves a long one…

Patron of the wealthy Nordbahnhof Berlin

Patron of the wealthy

Postcards from Berlin #29 Eat the rich bekitschigblog

Eat the rich

street art by MATE


Pobre Pero Feliz - Poor but happy - Pablo ientile

Pobre Pero Feliz – Poor but happy – Pablo ientile

The Good Life - TOBO - street art Berlin -

The good life – TOBO

Postcards from Berlin #28

Your luxury is our misery

Feed the poor - Park am Nordbahnhof

Sozial schwach sind Menschen ohne Anstand, Würde und Mitgefühl, aber sicher nicht Leuchte mit wenig Geld – socially deprived are people without decency, dignity, and compassion, but certainly not people with little money

Street art Postcards from Berlin #29

It’s expensive to be poor

sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

It's just Paint - TOBO

It’s just paint – TOBO

Nasca street art Nordbahnhof - Time is running

Time is running – Nasca

colorful mural by Emma Rytof Berlin Nordbahnhof

Emma Rytoft

Armut ist wegsehen S.G. Raum Berlin Mitte

Armut ist Wegsehen – indigence is looking away – S.G. Raum

North Side Gallery

Nordbahnhof, former Stettiner Bahnhof, had been erected in 1842 and suffered heavy bombardment during WWII. During the Cold War, the S-Bahn ran through GDR territory but only stopped at stations in the West of Berlin, leaving the passengers to look at deserted ghost stations.

Vilu Tattoos

Vilu Tattoos

Sam Crew Guns don't kill people, people kill people

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people – Sam Crew

Sam Crew

Sam Crew

Eingang Park auf dem Nordbahnhof

Entrance near train station. The park at Nordbahnhof, just like Mauerpark, had been part of the “Death Strip”. It is not the prettiest park on this planet, but offers recreation for people nearby. Right next to it, you’ll find MountMitte; a climbing park & bar.

Mural Berlin Mitte Wir schaffen das

Wir schaffen das – we can do it

Street art by NIKO Nordbahnhof

Oil Painting – NIKO

Lovebomber - deerBLN

bekitschig blog

Lovebomber – deerBLN

Architecture in Berlin Mitte

A straight walk along Bernauer Straße takes you to Mauerpark, along the old wall. The architecture here is a mix of unique buildings from the 50s-70s, as well as fancy new apartments. (You can probably afford, if you were a dentist, or inherited, or both.)

The Meat Mural - Steack Mural - Die Dixons, Marcus Haas auf Talenthouse Kreativplattform

Steak Mural #IfWallsCouldTalk – Design by Marcus Haas, art work by Xi-Design (Die Dixons) feat. SizeTwo and Mario Monkey – note sun to the right at middle window – If you look closely, you can spot the outlines of the different districts of Berlin.

Conrad Schuman escape photo by Peter Leibing

The escape of Conrad Schumann


Christmas Rose

Keep a safe distance from people who don't listen to Marvin Gaye - Eme Freethinker - Mauerpark Berlin

Keep a safe distance from people who don’t listen to Marvin Gaye – Eme Freethinker

Lampe meets Hinterlandmauer


A bright smile means nothing when it's fake - Eme Freethinker

A bright smile means nothing when it’s fake – Eme Freethinker

Look up and smile

Look up and smile

Cat street art Gleimstraße

Waiting for cherry blossoms

Alu Hut forever

Get your tin foil hat on and have a lovely week.

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12 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #29

  1. This is some fabulous street art and graffiti Jeanine and I was amazed how many were in English. I liked “Eating the Rich” and the meat cleaver cutting off the meat – very lifelike there. And I liked the art “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” – Sam Crew. Well ain’t that the truth, over here anyway.

  2. What a great collection of wall paintings!
    (I remember riding on the S-Bahn through those empty ghost stations in East Berlin.)

    1. Oh wow. I don’t think I did/or remember. But my mum used to say on the train “See those white buildings over there? That is the West”. Today I know they were Plattenbau, just looking a bit differently 😉

  3. Excellent! ‘Keep a safe distance from people who like Marvin Gay’ – good advice; I’ll have to remember that one! How does a vegetarian / Vegan eat the rich? I love the knife cutting a slice off the building. Very clever.

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