Loos Yourself At Melbourne Zoo

The Melbourne Zoo is a not-for-profit organization; dedicated to fighting extinction and educating visitors about wildlife. Facts about native animals and people’s impact on the environment are presented in a child-oriented manner. With the first rays of sunshine, Melbourne Zoo was filled with melting-down children but parents found a refuge at the Trail Of Poo. Loos Yourself At Melbourne Zoo

After The Contest Is Before The Contest

 60 Years of Eurovision. Where Do We Go From Here?

Going classy seemed like a wise choice for the 60th anniversary show of the Eurovision Song Contest or simply inevitable after Conchita’s glorious victory in 2014. Instead of over the top Eurovision craziness, it was a modest show; nice motto, nice ballads, nice tailoring. It was a nice snoozefest with a nice snorgasmic winner.

Let’s start a small European country then enter Eurovision together. Card made in Melbourne by ableandgame

After The Contest Is Before The Contest

Cup of Tea

Dear world,

it’s been a bit quiet around here. Excuse my absence, I’ve been a bit sick but on the bright side of things I caught up on years and years of sleep Cup of Tea