The Luckiest Man

Do you believe in destiny?

That even the powers of time can be altered for a single purpose?

That the luckiest man who walks on this earth is the one who finds …

true love?


From Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 1992. Wow, has it been that long?

Halloween Quote the luckiest man who walks on this earth is the one who finds true love bekitschig blog

What is on your watching list this week?

Schlager Sunday – Monster Mash

Weekend Movie – Poltergay

Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Weekend Movie – Sharktopus

Picture by Sammy-Williams on Pixabay

20 thoughts on “The Luckiest Man

      1. Ha ha, yeah … It happened to me just a few days ago. I tried to reply to a comment and used the word d o o m e d and was flagged straight away. Three tries, no chance! 🙂 The wonderful world of WP

    1. Argh, we’re paying for cable eventhough we do not use it … flat living, oh … the fun … It’s really one of the better vampire movies!

      1. Yes, catch up on movies, binge-watch TV series … it sounds like Germany is moving toward a strict lock down from what I heard on the news this morning. Hope I heard wrong.

      2. As of the 4th for a month, whatever that means. There are rumors they want to isolate parts of Berlin?!? We’ll see. The idea is to try to slow it down so people can spend Christmas with their families. So then we’ll be in lock down again in January??? Last time it started slowly too and before you know it, the schools are closed … I’ve just been to the grocery store “quickly” and hording is back. Time to buy toilet paper …

      3. For years and years I have shopped for the Winter months. I took the bus downtown and my car stayed in the garage as I walked to the bus stop. If I needed something, I got off the bus at the grocery store, got a few items and stuck them in a tote bag and walked home or took the bus home. Then I started working from home in 2011, so I continued doing this because if the weather is really snowy I only go out to shovel and run the car. I try to go to the Park if the streets are clear … on foot. So I bought even more stuff this year (shelf stable stuff like powdered milk, which I always get for Winter anyway and other non-perishables) so I will try not to go out at all. I did go once a month for perishables up to 2020. Our stats are spiking and once we have Thanksgiving on November 26th, they figure stats/deaths will be very high, then after Christmas even worse. So I have been buying more groceries the last month … you can only get two of some items like toilet paper, paper towels and some cleaning supplies … did they isolate parts of Berlin the first time? Doctors everywhere did not know what to expect – they know more but we are already in flu season and they worry about a “twindemic” here … what a year!!

      4. Oh boy, a twindemic? I’ve just learned a new word. We were told in high school that you generally only get one virus at a time. They are nice like that, so maybe try for the flu??
        It would be hard to isolate Berlin but I guess it would be possible. We are right at the boarder to another district and our live takes pretty much place there. Would be funny if we weren’t allowed to go to work … We will see. I have the feeling we’re gonna spend a lot of time at home this winter …

      5. Yes, they’ve been throwing the word “twindemic” around since the flu shots were available at all the drug stores in early September. They’ve been telling everyone to get a flu shot because you’ll be run down, then get COVID as your immune system will be bad. Also, we have a lot of deaths from flu every year and they figure they need all the doctors and hospital beds they can for COVID patients – harsh reality, but people are still not masking up, especially today when Trump was at one of his rallies and he will be back for three more in our state between Sunday and Monday. He is telling everyone, the pandemic is basically over and they all cheer – meanwhile in the U.S., we had 90,000 new cases yesterday, the most of any other day since the pandemic began in March. It would be great if you got a break from work – I am happy I work from home and have since 2011, so no adjustments there … it is seamless for some people – I hope it can be seamless for you too Jeanine.

      6. It’s hard to get my head around the fact that he basically said the opposite of what is really going on. It’s also hard to understand why ‘minorities’ cheer & vote for him!
        Next week is gonna get really interesting … but I guess this year we just take it week by week …

      7. I agree with you Jeanine – it is a constant series of contradictions especially as it relates to the pandemic. How can you promise a vaccine is around the corner, when they are still doing clinical trials? Here, when the vaccine is available, it will go to the elderly and first responders first … not the general public. People hang onto this and it is not true. SMH. Yes, it will be … first of all a big store (Walmart) said they’d take away all the gun displays in case there was rioting and people broke in and stole them, but they have now walked that idea back.

      8. I am on Twitter and pop on every so often to see what is trending – tonight it said he would declare the election over if he does well on election night and is ahead – really?! You wait til all the votes are counted. SMH

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