When Mittens United the World

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have heard of Bernie’s mittens.

How Bernies Mittens united the World bekitschig blog

How to make your content go viral? A few tips include

  • evoke high emotions
  • use top-notch visuals
  • employ story telling
  • use influencers (pretty people will often do, too)
  • compile lists or use info graphics
Bernies Handschuhe Daria bekitschig blog

Then there were Bernie’s mittens. While my better half insisted there was no way he was gonna do Dirty Dancing, I ended up with two pictures! Quick and dirty this blog finally joined copyright hell. Usually I really don’t get into these things but this just had me in stitches.

Bernie's mittens Dirty Dancing version

Why would you want to talk about Lady Gaga or J.Lo? It wasn’t the Super Bowl last week, it was an inauguration. For the participants that was a fine reason to get all dolled up. Then there were Bernie’s mittens.

Die Handschuhe von Bernie Sanders bekitschig blog

From album covers to wedding photos, the world photoshopped away and from your local pizza place to big brands, businesses jumped on the wagon within hours as well. For a brief moment there was a funny distraction from our usual news (which only seems to evolve around a few topics these days). As if the world exhaled in relief.

Die Handschuhe von Berrnie Sander bekitschig blog

Now, please marketing teams of this world, let’s enjoy this moment and then drop it. Otherwise, Coca Cola’s Santa Clause will be wearing Bernie’s mittens come September. Who cares about last week’s news?

Bernies Mittes bekitschig blog Al Bundy version

In case you really missed it, jump on your Social Media of choice for a smile. Who needs to look at kittens when we’ve got #berniesmittens ?

Run DMC Bernie's mittens bekitsschig blog

Thanks for flying with be kitschig. Have a happy Hump Day!

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26 thoughts on “When Mittens United the World

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory grandad is perfect! Pamela Anderson seems to have had a bite taken out of her left hip; either that or one of her plastic surgeries went horribly wrong.

  2. I have enjoyed every meme about Bernie’s gloves and last week I heard they had raised $1.8 million with the tee-shirts … I’m sure it is more by now. I love that Bernie was cool with it and didn’t get offended like some would. Hasselhoff and the girls look under-dressed next to Bernie and his mittens. I love the Addams Family with Bernie … I had not seen that one!

    1. It is really incredible that they raised so much money in such a short time!
      A few days ago the big grocery store aroudn the corner used Bernie for an ad. That’s when you know, it’s done and dusted 😉

      1. I know – it’s wonderful Jeanine. Some woman in northern Michigan has been selling repurposed woolen gloves, mittens and scarves. I heard it on the news today so went to her website to take a look. Expensive for these woolens that she makes from old sweaters and such and she claims no two are alike. They are fleece lined, look warm … $54.00 (87 DEM).

    1. Ha ha, as a mermaid you are naturally excused but last Friday not much else happened in my life 😉 It was fascinating to watch how the memes just kept coming! I dislike FB with a passion and havenn’t locked on Twitter in a while … but a little Instagram here and there I can handle. People are already making Bernie mittens and ‘get the look’ fashion posts. I am getting a huge kick out of this!

  3. These are great ! It feels so good to have fun again on the internet after four-plus years of dread. Thanks for these !

    1. That’s so true! A lot of them where my idea but my better half actually did all the work 😉 Maybe I should use my in-house graphic designer more often?!?

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