Easter Eggs

Hipster Eggs
GDR Egg Holders (not original)
Garden Gnome Egg Warmer (thanks mum)
Easter Eggs unite!
Humpty Dumpty Egg
They only left him for a few seconds

Oh, I forgot to publish my Easter Wordless Wednesday! School holidays can get busy or maybe Easter is just soo last week.

Have a nice weekend; make the most of it! Maybe you’re sleeping in, maybe you have an impressive schedule ahead of you. No matter what this weekend will be like, use it to recharge.

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19 thoughts on “Easter Eggs

  1. Love these hysterical-looking hard-boiled eggs … you are very creative Jeanine. I like the holders too. My mom liked soft-boiled eggs and I still have sole holders that are cups with legs and feet. I saw them in the store years ago – cracked me up every time we used them. (Pardon that pun.)

    1. Ours are only a replica. Pretty much every household in the GDR had them. Some even in a different color! They started making them again cause people love them. You can stack them, place spoon or shells at the bottom and use the beak to open the egg. Genius

  2. What beautiful egg holders, you have there. But you never put them into a dish washing machine right?, Else they wouldn’t shine in such orange 😉
    Ei, Ei, Ei …

    1. I only got them last year at VEB Orange 🧡 You put yours in the dishwasher? At least it wasn’t the microwave

      1. Thank you very much, I had never seen them! I adore folk art. So much love and creativity goes into it! I grew up seeing Ukranian decorated eggs – which are gorgeous. I hadn’t heard of the Sorbian people and their fine egg decorating tradition using wax. I’d like to try it.

      2. I’m glad you liked them! Ages ago we tried it at home. It was a lot of fun but the results were far from the ones you see online 😅

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